Red Knob 36"H x 48"W $4300.00
Ellett Passage 48"H x 60"W $7100.00
Requiem 30"H x 40"W $3000.00
Low Country River 27"H x 57"W $3800.00
Mountains Afar 36"H x 48"W ON HOLD
Ellett Valley Passage 30"H x 40"W $3000.00
Out Across the Pond 36"H x48"W $4300.00
Flowers 36"H x 24"W $2200.00
Blue Glass 24"H x 36"W $2200.00
Feeding Quietly 36"H x 48"W $4300.00
  Barn Emerging 48"H x 60"W $7100.00
  Barn in the Sun 30"H x 40"W $3000.00
  Burst of Light 36"H x 48"W $4300.00
  Farm set into the Mountain 48"H x 36"W $4300.00
  Farm in the Valley 30"H x 40"W $3000.00
  Into the Mountain 24"H x 36"W $2200.00
  Colorful Farm Scene 48"H x 60"W $7100.00
  Broadly Reminiscent 48"H x 60"W $5325.00
  A Brilliant Slope and Pines 30"H x 40"W $3000.00
  Barn & Valley Vista 36"H x 48"W $4300.00
  An Elegant Red Barn 36"H x 48"W $4300.00
  Red Barn  and Round Hill 36"H x 48"W $4300.00P
  Little Barn Under Big Blue Sky 48"H x 60"W $7100.00
  Long Barn and Blue Sky 30"H x 40"W $3000.00
  Barn in Blue 30" Square $2200.00
  Farm on a Steep Grade 42"H x 54"W $5400.00
Farm Beyond the Brambles 40"H  x 60"W $5900.00
A Favorite Shed 40"H x 30"W $2900.00
  Trio of Barns 36"H x 48"W $3900.00
  Valley View 48"H x 60"W $6700.00
  River Dream Sequence 36"H x 48"W $4300.00
  Distant Tree Line 36a"H x 48"W $3900.00
  Light on Broad Barn 36"H x 48"W $4300.00
  Burning Daylight 40" Square $3600.00
  Tangerine Field  36" H x 48" W $4300.00
  Barn with Silo 30"H x 40"W $3000.00
  Barn with Green Ramp 36"H x 48"W $4300.00


  Black Rose 30" Square $2200.00
  Nebulous 36"Square $3200.00
  Pale and Petite 30" Square $2200.00
  Noisy Brown Cow 36" Square $3200.00
  White Forehead 30" Square $2200.00
  Face Against Field and Sky 36" Square $3200.00
  Dark and Lovely 36" Square $3200.00
  Dark Face on Blue Sky 30" Square $2200.00
  White on Rusted Red 36" Square $3200.00
  Red over Green and Yellow 40" Square $3600.00
  Eleanor on Yellow 36" Square $3200.00
  Oreo Rothkow 36"H X 48"W $3900.00
  Standing on Wine Red 40"H x 30"W $3000.00
  Born of Yellow Over Grey 40" Square $3600.00
  Soft and Sienna 36" Square $3200.00
  One More Time If you Please 40" Square $3600.00
  Tousled and Tan 36" Square $3200.00
  Short and Tall 40"H x 30"W $3000.00
  A Bit Crabby 30"H x 40"W $3000.00
  Quite the Reach 48" Square $5200.00
  On the Sand 36H x 48"W $4300.00
  Cracker Jack Crab 40" Square $4000.00
  Low Country River 27"H x 57"W $3800.00
  The Reach 36"H x 48"W $4300.00
  Hello Old Friend 24"H x 48"W $2900.00
  Broad Crab 36"H x 48"W $4300.00
  Sprawled Out on the Sand 48" Square $5700.00
  ColorfulAppendages 40" Square $4000.00
  BlueCrabReaching 30"H x 40"W $3000.00
  Burst of Light 36"H x 48"W $4300.00




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